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What is embryoscopy (time-lapse imaging)?

Tarih:Feb 06, 2017 Yazar:Ender Yalcinkaya Kalyan

It is an excellent technology that provides a new perspective to embryo development within the last 5 years and still adding. Then, how does this technology work and what are its benefits? In this essay, I would like to mention about that shortly.

Embryoscopy is a recent technology providing embryologists a 7/24 follow up of the developing embryos. In other words, following of the development of embryos until transfer by a camera system that is located in the incubators. At normal conditions, we take the embryos out of the incubator for once in a day to check fertilization and embryo cleavage. The reason of this is to make embryos affect from the temperature and ph changes minimally. Since we do not need to take embryos out of the incubator during time lapse imaging, we can follow embryo development until transfer without being affected from the changes in ambient environment. At the same time, the system gives us a detailed information regarding embryo development. For instance; it helps us to compare embryos for quality by recording embryo cleavage at specific time points and recording several cleavage patterns and by enabling us to choose the best embryo for transfer. 

This sytem has been integrated into many IVF laboratories and still going on. I can give a detailed information about their embryos to my patients with the help of this technology that I effectively use in my laboratory. I also record the videos of the development of their embryos to a CD and give it to them. This works as a nice memory for pregnant women while it has a significant quality of data for future IVF trials.

You may find an example of time lapse imaging in my video gallery. You can contact with me for further questions about this topic.

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