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What if we can not explain with words?

You are a stimulating person with an extensive knowledge and experience. You are open minded , rational and problem-oriented; and guide use with your ideas. How do you manage to be always helping without expecting any benefits? You are a good example to us with your honorable, fair and honest being.  I hope you will always be smiling and happy.



Gönderen: Seckin Yalcinkaya-Bursa Eurofertil IVF Center

From Ozge...

She is my first boss in this sector whose life is based on love, peace and success. She is marginal with her mental and social power and I believe that she is from another planet:))) I feel so lucky that I learned the rational of being an embryologist. She is devoid of ego,  supports the truths and I think she is the most beautiful embryologist of Turkey. I admire her; she is also my friend. The embryologist of my heart; I believe that there is moooore things to learn from you. I'm glad that I met you and you have been the reason of my enthusiasm for my job. I love you so much..



Gönderen: Özge Berberoğlu Özcan-Medistate Hospital IVF Unit



Gönderen: Seren Can Çelik-Özel Adatıp Hastanesi Tüp Bebek Merkezi

my tutor....

She is the first person when I think of an embryologist. She is friendly, sympathetic, and educating. She is both sweet and tough. She is my friend as well as my sister and tutor. Thanks for all your support and contribution to my career. Hope to meet one day at somewhere. 

Gönderen: Goksen Yilmaz-Eskişehir Acibadem Hospital IVF Unit


During the first years that I was trying to gain experience, it was so nice to meet you and feel you besides me afterwards. Although the meaning and value of our job are not well understood in this country, I appreciate you for trying to improve it and raise awareness about it; and I feel very happy to have you as a good friend of mine. 

Gönderen: Begum Alyuruk-Kocaeli University IVF Unit